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Best Photography Institute In Jaipur

Best Photography Course Institute In Jaipur
Address A-4, Janta Colony, Near Pink Square Mall, Adarsh Nagar, Raja Park, Jaipur 302004
Contact No. 7976882245, 7742648995, 9887063980
Duration 2 Months
Batch Size 5-10
Teaching Method Online/Offline
Teachers Name Pushpendra Singh

About course and its content

Sunday Photography Course Become a professional photographer in a matter of weeks with this photography course that takes place only on Sundays. This course was created for working professionals to afford them an opportunity to put their lifelong photography dream to test. Learn how to take pictures and edit like a pro alongside covering events, functions, seminars and luncheons. Utilize your free Sundays by learning a lifelong skill that can soon see you quitting your job to pursue full time.

Advertising and Product Photography Course Dive into the world of advertisement and product photography. With this course you would learn how to take photographs of products that would be used for advertisement in magazines, newspapers, billboards and televisions. Learn all the tricks in the book used to make products look way better on adverts and posters than they are in real life. This is a very intensive training with lots of seminars, workshops and field work.

Events and Portraits Photography Course Begin to cover events in a matter of weeks with this photography course. Learn how to cover different types of events by following the exact rules that pertain to a particular type of event such as parties, tournaments, luncheons, dinners, meetings, seminars, get together , shows and functions. Get into the business of portraits photography as well and reap the huge benefits embedded in the world of photography for those who are skilled and marketable enough.

Editorial and Crime Scene Photography Course Become an asset in the field of journalism by learning the intricacies of covering crime scenes for either freelance or for both local and international editorials. Learn how this kind of photography differs from others especially in the taking of details with time stamps and also in black and white. This course is a complete hands on training with mentor interaction, workshops, seminars, field work and show reel development.

Sports , Action and Press Photography Course Learn how to cover sporting events and also celebrity pictures. Learn how to work the camera to capture events at the exact timing. Learn how to commercialize such money shots and take advantage of the ever growing interest of the masses in sports, action and celebrity news. Become an expert photographer and begin to take pictures for international blogs and websites. Learn how to make yourself self-employed with this photography course alongside taking up good photography job positions. This course also offers a placement guarantee among other benefits.

Travel, Wildlife and Landscape Photography Course Start your Journey to becoming a wildlife photographer by enrolling for this very unique course. This course would serve as a stepping stone for you on your way to having pictures featured on travel websites, blogs and television station. Master the act of taking pictures in both natural and artificial light and also taking pictures of wildlife in their natural habitat. Bring your love for nature and wildlife into pixels and make a living doing it.

Fashion Photography Course Become the official photographer for fashion blogs, fashion stores and fashion spreads by enrolling in this course. Take advantage of the seminars, workshops and show reel development it offers it’s students.

Food Photography Course Learn how to capture the essence of food in pictures with this course. . This course is a 100 % practical course. It entails team projects, assignments, workshops and seminars as well as a show reel development


  • Wildlife Photographer
  • Professional Photographer
  • Weding Photographer
  • Newspaper photographer

What Is The Fees Of Photography Course

Basic Photography courses fees start from Rs. 15,000 while advanced level courses may cost in lakhs. The fees will heavily vary depending on the course you choose. There are also levels of training you can choose based on your existing knowledge of photography and choose the course that meets your requirement.

Photography Course
photography course
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Programme Schedule
Normal Track
Course Duration: 2 months
Schedule: 1 Hour/5 days a week
Fast Track
Course Duration: 1 months
Schedule: 2 Hour/5 days a week


Become a certified Photographer from the best Photography Courses in Jaipur

Photography involves shooting still pictures through the camera, the pictures may or may not contain a story and may look appealing to the eyes. There is no concrete definition to Photography, it is only a varied perception towards what you are capturing and how you are capturing. Professional photographers may convey and capture images differently while a non-trained photographer will have a different perception of the target image. Both are correct in their position, but a professional and trained photographer is likely to capture better images. Photography is both creative as well as requires skills to utilize the cameras to the fullest. Every camera has a different setting to capture images, but on the ground level, they only work towards capturing the light in a better way. If you are passionate about Photography, then a training program or a photography course can definitely take you a long way.

Everything about Photography

Photography is a vast and creative topic. Photography through a professional camera includes a Camera body, Camera sensor and various lenses. Every lens has a different perspective towards the subject you are shooting. There are various types of camera lenses some of the most popular ones are Wide Angle, Macro, Telephoto and Standard lens. Every lens has a different focal length, a different aperture size and different zoom settings. Your final photograph is heavily affected with above-mentioned settings. Apart from lenses what really matters is the sensor on the camera body, the sensor allows for light to be captured through various lenses. Sensor is the real personality of the camera, camera sensor provides the camera with image size, resolution, low light performance, depth of field and dynamic range. These are all important aspects of a camera to produce better images. There are basically two types of camera sensor, Crop sensor and Full frame sensor. These sensors are further divided into CCD sensors (Charged Couple Device) and CMOS sensors (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor). CCD sensors are said to provide better images than the CMOS sensors. CCD sensors also offer Superior image quality along with better Dynamic Range and better noise cancellation.

Photography terminology explained

Professional photography involves usage of some technical terms, take a look below to understand what those terms mean.

Photography courses in Jaipur

There are many Photography training institutes in Jaipur who offer a variety of certification courses and training in Photography. Photography institutes offer Photography and Videography courses along with Audiography (Sound Engineering). There is a kind of photography for every occasion, but some of the most popular photography include

Courses offered by photography institutes are majorly related to production of still images and moving pictures (Videography). Professional Photography, Wedding Photography, Fashion Photography, Digital Film Making, Diploma in Visual Communication and Diploma in Cinematography are some of the most famous courses offered in Jaipur. Photography institutes in Jaipur balance both theory and practical knowledge to students through which they can understand the artistic elegance and expressions of photos to compose them better. The rapid growth of the internet, advertising, media and fashion along with evolution in digital photography have actually enlarged the commercial value of Photography.

Significant features of photography classes in Jaipur

The photography courses in Jaipur assure the following facilities for the photography classes.

Fill up the simple form above and executives from the professional photography classes mentioned in the list of over 10+ photography courses in Jaipur will reach you directly.

Career opportunities available on completing photography classes

On completing professional Photography courses in Jaipur, the following career opportunities will be available to you:

A photographer with basic hands-on knowledge of photography and a good portfolio can earn up to 5 lakhs per annum. A professional photographer with extensive training and certification along with a more significant portfolio can earn more than ten lakhs per annum, easily.

Benefits of Taking photography Classes

FAQ - Photography Courses in Jaipur

FAQ - Photography Courses in Jaipur

The photography classes include training candidates in the following areas. 

The course duration depends on what course you choose. A certification course maybe a 6- month long program while a Degree certification may last for 2 to 3 years. You can get in touch with the institutes and find more details on course duration for the course you are interested in.

Basic Photography course fees start from Rs. 15,000 while advanced level courses may cost in lakhs. The fees will heavily vary depending on the course you choose. There are also levels of training you can choose based on your existing knowledge of photography and choose the course that meets your requirement. Institutes will provide you with course details and fee structure well in advance.

Most of the institutes have affiliation with companies in Jaipur. There are placement camps in many institutes in Jaipur. You may enquire through the institutes to get concrete answers on placements and placement criteria before getting the admission.

The basic salary offered to Photographers is around 3 to 4 lakhs annually. As you learn and become an expert in the field the increments are not too far away from you.