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A practical-oriented course, specially designed for the beginners who want to learn photography practically on week-ends. There is a great demand for Indian photographers in American Cruise Industry. Indian Recruiting Agencies such as Air Bourne and Indus are looking for young, enthusiastic, confident and hardworking boys and girls for the said job. A photographic qualification along with appreciation of top rate customer service is also required. We here at NIP train such people and prepare them for the photographic tests conducted by the Agencies.

The course is designed to give more practical knowledge both indoors & outdoors to the students. Even if you don’t possess your own camera you can still learn professional photography as we provide professional cameras during the course. The course contents are more or less the same as our Basic Photography course with more practical sessions than theory and cover many indoor & outdoor practical sessions with studio lighting set up for portraiture.

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  1. Know Your Camera
    • Camera Types
    • Camera Control & Opration
    • Manual Opration
  2. Lenses
    • Glass
    • The Build
    • The Mechanics
    • Image Stabilization and Vibration Reduction
  3. Understand Exposure
    • Understanding Light
    • Manul Opretion Exposure
    • Shutter Speed
    • ISO
    • Aperture
    • Long Exposures (Specially for night)
  4. Master Light (Lighting)
    • Type of light
    • Digital Color Space
    • Digital File Format
  5. Color Balance & Calibration
    • Basic Color Spectrum
    • White Balance
  6. Perspective Capturing
  7. Accessories Operate & Handling
    • Mount Lenses
    • Kit Lenses
    • Zoom Lenses
    • Macro Lenses
    • Tripod
  8. Photo Output & Workflow
    • Preparation
    • Shoot
    • File Handling

What Is The Fees Of Photography Course?

Basic fees starts from Rs. 12,000/- while advanced level courses cost more. The fees will may vary depending on the course you choose. There are also levels of training you can choose based on your existing knowledge and choose the course that meets your requirement.

Photography Certification Course
photography course
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Programme Schedule
Normal Track
Course Duration: 45 days
Schedule: 1 Hour/5 days a week
Fast Track
Course Duration: 25 Days
Schedule: 2 Hour/5 days a week


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