Adv. Certification Course in Web Design, Development & Internet Marketing

WEB PRO is an unique course in web design + web development + internet marketing.We are proud to retain industry’s best faculty in Navigation Design, Interactive Design, Web Programming, Advanced PHP, Framework programming, Responsive design (HTML5/ CSS3) & Internet marketing including SEO/SMO/PPC strategy. Apart from daily classroom sessions students joins web workshops, group exercises and Live projects.

Programme Outcome:

  • Creating eye catching templates with international look and feel.
  • Complete understanding of web 3.0 standards.
  • Creating tableless responsive websites.
  • Content Management System and developing admin moduled websites.
  • Fully Functional Ecommerce website with payment gateway integration
  • Domain hosting, Site uploading & Maintenance.
  • SEO (On Page/ Off page), Google updates, Analytics and Web Search Console,
  • Strategy design for digital marketing, Affliate marketing, Email Marketing
  • Advanced PPC through Adwords, FB Ads, Twitter ads, Adsense management along with social media marketing

Course Structure

Module1. Illustrations & Web Imaging

  • Planning a website using a structured document
  • Site Navigation Types
  • Advanced Responsive UI by creating web assets
  • Typography and colour sense for Web design
  • Scribbling the layout
  • Creating web templates
  • Slicing the templates
  • Recognizing Good design vs. Bad Design
  • Optimizing images for faster downloads

Module2. Core UX & Web Functionality

  • HTML5/CSS3 with Dreamweaver CC
  • JQery and Bootstrap,
  • Creating and Testing Responsive design
  • Web 3.0 standards,
  • Java Script,
  • Testing and Maintaining a website,
  • FTP controls.

Module 3. Core PHP & content management systems

  • Installing Servers for PHP testing
  • Arrays, Super Arrays ($_GET, $_POST, $_SESSION)
  • Strings, Form Functionality, Form Validations
  • Running MYSQL Queries through PHP
  • Setting Joomla Content Management System
  • Setting WordPress Content Management System
  • Admin controls and modifications in CMS Database
  • Designing Dynamic Websites using PHP

Module 4. Advanced PHP & E-commerce integration

  • Classes and objects in PHP (OOPS)
  • OOPs, OO programing or object oriented programming.
  • Inheritance, Abstraction, Polymorphism, Encapsulation
  • Difference between PHP 3 ,PHP 4, PHP 5 and PHP 6
  • AJAX- Connecting & checking server using JavaScript
  • Checking XML HTTP request object in browsers
  • Discussing PHP Frameworks
  • Integrating Shopping Cart integration in website
  • Setting up/ Checking E-Commerce in a website
  • Practicals and Live Projects

Module 5. Advanced HTML5/JQuery and CSS3

  • Vision and Future of HTML5
  • HTML5 elements and attributes.
  • Using the audio, video and canvas elements.
  • Using new JavaScript APIs. and JavaScript alternatives
  • Data Storage in HTML5, Offline Applications, Geolocations
  • HTML5 Web Workers, Messaging APIs, Web Sockets
  • Applying JQuery, JQuery as alternative for Flash
  • Selecting and Manipulating DOM Elements with jQuery
  • Event-Driven Programming with jQuery
  • jQuery and Ajax

Module 6. Digital Marketing- Advanced SEO

  • Understanding SEO and why is it required for your business?
  • Analysing site for SEO- Diagnosis Report Vs Treatment
  • Undertanding Panda/ Penguin/ HummingBird/ Pigeon etc.
  • Working on URL/ Meta/ Title Alt/ HTags of your site
  • Setting up/ Managing WordPress blog on your site
  • Competitor analysis & strategising your SEO
  • Quality backlink generation through High PR/ PA/DA sites
  • Google My Business/ Classifieds/ Forums/ Bookmarking content
  • Creating high quality and engaging contents
  • Video Sharing/ Content sharing through Web 2.0 data

Module 7. Advanced PPC & Remarketing

  • Setting up first Adwords campaign for your website
  • Managing My Client Center for Adwords
  • Creating attractive ads with high quality scores
  • Landing page creation for better ROI and CPA
  • Setting up goals and funnels in Adwords Campaign
  • Remarketing and developing audience,
  • Managing CPC & increasing Conversions for Campaign
  • Setting up and mangaing Adsense
  • Managing Ad Extensions & Display networks
  • Bing/ Facebook/ Twitter Paid ads management
  • Reporting and Case Study

Module 8. social media optimization (SMO)

  • Understanding & levaraging value for your business through SMO
  • Setting up FB Business page and increasing engagment on Business page
  • Creating engaging posts/ contests/ culture/ events
  • Managing insights/ Talk-abouts and reviews from audience
  • Managing SM eg. Linkedin, G+, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter etc.
  • Video / Photo / Audio Sharing (YT, Vimeo, Flickr, Podcasting)
  • Managing Coupon based sites and Location based services
  • Scheduling posts for better results
  • Strategising SMO Proposals for Ecommerce sites
  • Integrating Social media marketing with SMO
  • Word of Mouth and Viral Marketing through SMO
  • Measuring ROI, financial, customer satisfaction, awareness

Module 9. Analytics & Google Search Console

  • Setting up Analyics/ Webmaster tool
  • Applying Analytics/ Webmaster code on site
  • Applying Data structure/ Highlighter/ on site
  • Applying Disavow for removing bad spammy links
  • Removing errors on site reported by GWT, Bing WM
  • Setting up Authority on website
  • Managing “Google My Business” through GWT
  • Understanding Organic/Paid/Referral/ Direct Traffic in GA
  • Adding/ Managing more sites in Google Analytics
  • Observing traffic trends in GA

Module 10. Email/ Affiliate/Mobile marketing

  • Email content that drives more Conversions
  • Building and managing an Email list
  • Driving response with Psychology-based Marketing
  • Writing Conversion (copywriting & content essentials)
  • Email Newsletter foundations: A Roadmap for Success
  • Maximize Email deliverability to drive revenue
  • Best affiliate sites for monetization- Setting up acounts
  • Obtaining/ placing tracking code & getting approved for AP
  • Generating revenue through a membership site/ list building
  • Generating revenue through Mobile Messaging/ Apps
  • Whatsapp Advertising/Mobile Video sharing


Portfolio Design

  • Creating a number of Web templates with international look and feel.
  • Completly done website designs and hosting them on TGC web server.
  • Java Script templates.
  • Tableless responsive website templates.
  • Forms with submission examples.
  • Websites with complete Content Management System.
  • SEO On-site / Off-site Optimization.
  • Proving SEO results on live projects.
  • Portfolio showcase.
  • Mock Interviews and on the spot web design competitions.
  • Placement.
Programme Schedule
Normal Track
Course Duration: 6 months
Schedule: 1 Hour/5 days a week
Fast Track
Course Duration: 4 months
Schedule: 2 Hour/5 days a week