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Wordpress Course In Jaipur

If you are in search of populating your content by building a website, WordPress Training will help you achieve what you want. By a limited number of class�s strength, you can get proper professional training in WordPress course with personal attention and program oriented dedication. You will be given different exercises to discuss with tutors and your classmates. Initiation of this interaction would help you know about various tricks, ideas, and concepts to bring out the best in you.

Best Wordpress Course Institute In Jaipur
Address A-4, Janta Colony, Near Pink Square Mall, Adarsh Nagar, Raja Park, Jaipur 302004
Contact No. 7976882245, 7976882245, 7976882245
Duration 3 Months
Batch Size 5-10
Teaching Method Online/Offline
Teachers Name Pushpendra Singh


The versatility, powerfulness, and user-friendliness of WordPress websites would leave you amazed. Project�s Trac tool or a special mailing list is maintained to document errors. WordPress is nothing but content management site. According to your requirements, any website can be created using WordPress� easy to use functionality and few extra plug-ins.

Course Outline:

  • Total Beginners Guide to WordPress- It includes the basic definition, working and installation of WordPress.
  • Installation of WordPress- It includes downloading and installation on your Personal Computer.
  • WordPress Front-End- It includes the knowledge to know the difference between themes, posts, page areas, and plug-ins.
  • Useful Plug-ins- It includes booking system, online shopping, and managing directories.
  • Managing Your Site- It includes search engines, widgets, plug-ins and themes needed for your site.
  • Polls, Articles, Feeds and more- It includes the view of updates and contents from other users.
  • Choosing a Free or Premium Theme- It includes the choice to update a theme for you from innumerable themes available.
  • Making Theme Changes- It includes the use of HTML or CSS for adaption of a theme to your service.
  • Making the most out of Widgets- It includes the feature of interaction with rest of the users.
  • Advanced WordPress- It includes the use of HTML or CSS or PHP to create customized themes and apply codes of self requirements, thereby, altering the functionality.

Course Outcome:

It benefits you with the freedom of having a customized learning time wherein you can learn whenever you find to sneak out some time from your busy schedule. Institutes keep you updated with new projects through e-mails, and also keep track of complete session.

Career Scope:


What Is The Fees Of Wordpress Course?

Basic fees starts from Rs. 10,000/- while advanced level courses cost more. The fees will may vary depending on the course you choose. There are also levels of training you can choose based on your existing knowledge and choose the course that meets your requirement.

WordPress Course
wordpress course
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Programme Schedule
Normal Track
Course Duration: 4 months
Schedule: 1 Hour/5 days a week
Fast Track
Course Duration: 2 months
Schedule: 2 Hour/5 days a week


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