magento training course in jaipur

Adv. Certification Training in Magento Framework

Magento Training is the first step to enter into the green pastures of PHP courses with open source ecommerce solutions. Dicazo is the most preferred destination among aspiring PHP developers. Developers from industry prefer the Magento training course offered by Dicazo. PHP clubbed with Magento course delivers a potent open source ecommerce solution. A look at them is as follows.


  1. Identify the practical necessity of delivering results
  2. Understanding the trends in e-commerce using Magento training.
  3. Relationship management with clients with an aim to plan and design their Magento site based on requirements
  4. Developing a working attitude with a sole objective of influencing client satisfaction from websites built on Magento platform

Course Outline:

  • It offers easiest foundation to build a website platform using Magento Platform
  • It makes a site secure with options of download, install and regular feature updates.
  • Built to handle multiple site functions, it is useful in pricing of promos, statistical assessments and coupon coding.

Magento is compatible with Android, Opera mini, iPods-iPhones and BBs

Course Outcome:

The students enrolled in Magento training course program have an option to choose their own course schedule.The Course is available both on weekdays and weekends. Tutors are available 24×7 (online chat) helping students ask doubts online. Students are provided with hard copies of reading and learning materials exclusively designed by course monitors. Certificates of completion awarded at the end of the course. Most of the students get a project or industrial assignment during the training. We also help in students earning Magento Certifications by the end of the course.

Technologies Used:

Magento Development is a demanding course that consists of a variety of tools useful in making a customer friendly online office block or a commercial portal. There are some competitive advantages of using Magento PHP in building, and at the same time taking the design components into play as well. Course offers advanced Magento framework training imparted by specialized trainer having years of experience in developing Magento based market places.

Career Scope:

Students are offered various opportunities in the field of Web Designing in IT Sectors and various other fields. They can also work as trainers or tutors in colleges or companies. Students are exposed to various opportunities wherein they can frame their career and establish their position in this competitive world. Dicazo has got its own placement cell that will work with IT houses to get students placed successfully as Magento developer.

Magento Course
magento course
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Programme Schedule
Normal Track
Course Duration: 4 months
Schedule: 1 Hour/5 days a week
Fast Track
Course Duration: 2 months
Schedule: 2 Hour/5 days a week


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