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This course provides students with a comprehensive study of the C programming language Course In Jaipur. Classroom lectures stress the strengths of C Classes in Jaipur, which provide programmers with the means of writing efficient, maintainable, and portable code. The lectures are supplemented with non-trivial lab exercises. This course is for programmers who have had experience in any programming language or have been tasked with a C programming Coaching In Jaipur project, and other technical types including managers and customer support engineers who need to know C.

Best C Language Classes In Jaipur
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Contact No. +91-9887063980
Fee structure C Language - 4000/- 20 Days, Combine Course - 7000/- 45 Days
Batch Size 10
Notes Study Materials, Classes
Teachers Name Pushpendra Singh

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Dicazo is the best place for C training institute in Jaipur. C is the base of programming language. C is a low-level general purpose programming language mainly used to desktop applications. C is one of the most widely used programming languages of all time. Learning C provides foundation knowledge of programming to a trainee, as C has influenced many other programming languages highly in use currently like C++. There are many reputed institute in Jaipur, Dicazo is one of the best C training institute in Jaipur. After you joined, you will say that the really Dicazo is the best of C training institute or C classes in Jaipur.


The Advanced Certification Course in C Programming would develop the students skill set in programming. It also incorporates the use of programming in Software development, Mobile and Computer based game development.


Getting Started
What is C?
Sample Program
Components of a C Program
Data Types
Naming Conventions for C Variables
Printing and Initializing Variables
Array Examples
Compiling and Executing a C Program
Functions and Operators
Examples of C Functions
sum Invoked from main
Invoking Functions
Elementary Operators
The operator= Operators
The Conditional Operator
Increment and Decrement Examples
Increment and Decrement Operators
Control Flow Constructs
Examples of Expressions
if else
Endless Loops
do while
break and continue
else if
The C Preprocessor
Conditional Compilation
Simple I/O
Character I/O
End of File
Simple I/O Examples
Simple I/O Redirection
I/O with Character Arrays
More on Functions
Function Declarations
Returning a Value or Not
Function Prototypes
Arguments and Parameters
Organization of C Source Files
Extended Example
The getline Function
The strcmp Function
The check Function
The atoi Function
The average Function
Bit Manipulation
Defining the Problem Space
A Programming Example
Bit Wise Operators
Bit Manipulation Functions
Circular Shifts
Fundamental Concepts
Aggregate Operations
String Functions
Higher Dimensional Arrays
Array Dimensions
An Array as an Argument to a Function
String Arrays
Separate Compilation
Compiling Over Several Files
Function Scope
File Scope
Program Scope
Local static
register and extern
Object Files
The C Loader
Header Files
Pointers (Part 1)
Fundamental Concepts
Pointer Operators and Operations
Changing an Argument with a Function Call
Pointer Arithmetic
Array Traversal
String Functions with Pointers
Pointer Difference
Prototypes for String Parameters
Relationship Between an Array and a Pointer
The Pointer Notation *p++
Pointers (Part 2)
Dynamic Storage Allocation - malloc
Functions Returning a Pointer
Initialization of Pointers
gets - a Function Returning a Pointer
An Array of Character Pointers
Two Dimensional Arrays vs. Array of Pointers
Command Line Arguments
Pointers to Pointers
Practice with Pointers
Function Pointers
Fundamental Concepts
Describing a Structure
Creating Structures
Operations on Structures
Functions Returning Structures
Passing Structures to Functions
Pointers to Structures
Array of Structures
Functions Returning a Pointer to a Structure
Structure Related Items
typedef - New Name for an Existing Type
Bit Fields
Non-Homogeneous Arrays
File I/O
System Calls vs. Library Calls
Opening Disk Files
I/O Library Functions
Copying a File
Character Input vs. Line Input
Servicing Errors - errno.h

Information About Files
The stat Function
File Existence
Telling Time - time and ctime
Telling Time – localtime
I/O With Structures
A Database Application
The menu Function
The fwrite Function
The create_db Function
The fread Function
The print_db Function
The retrieve_db Function
fflush and ftell
Useful Library Functions
strchr, strrchr
strspn, strcspn
Math Functions
Character Testing Functions
exit and atexit
memcpy and memset
Binary Search - bsearch
C Language Programming
Important Header Files
printf Formats
C Reserved Words
Precedence Chart


Write C programs that are non-trivial.
Use the variety of data types appropriate to specific programming problems.
Utilize the modular features of the language.
Demonstrate efficiency and readability.
Demonstrate the use of the various control flow constructs.
Use arrays as part of the software solution.
Utilize pointers to efficiently solve problems.
Include the structure data type as part of the solution.
Create their own data types.
Use functions from the portable C library.

C Language Course
c language course in barkat nagar jaipur
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Programme Schedule
Normal Track
Course Duration: 1 months
Schedule: 1 Hour/5 days a week
Fast Track
Course Duration: 15 Days
Schedule: 2 Hour/5 days a week


Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ What is the C language?

In simple words, C is a programming language developed by Ken Thompon and Dennis Ritchie in the early 1970s at the Bell Labs. It is an imperative programming language that was initially designed and developed to do system programming for Unix operating system.

⭐ How does C language work?

The C language works by being translated into an executable code of .exe file or .com file on Windows first by the compiler and then by the linker. Programming a C language code is usually a multistage process.

⭐ What are the benefits of learning the C language?

The C language is a mid-level programming language. That has features for both high-level and low-level programming languages. Also, learning this language opens up numerous job opportunities.

⭐ Where to find the best C Language training institute in Jaipur?

Numerous institutes and well-experienced tutors across Jaipur provide quality C language training. Find the best C Language training institute near your locality using UrbanPro.

⭐ What is the tuition fee charged for C language training in Jaipur?

The current market rate and tutors’ experience & qualification are amongst the common factors that considered while setting the course fee. Thus, the tuition fee differs as per trainers and institutes.