Mastering Advanced Prestashop

Explore the core functionalities of Prestashop


PrestaShop is a free, open-source eCommerce application written in PHP. It is widely used worldwide and it is available in around 60 languages. It combines powerful codebase and straight-forward interface allowing even non-professional users to feel comfortable when starting a project. The script was first developed as a student project and its original name was phpOpenStore and it was first available in two languages � English and French. The PrestaShop SA Company was founded in 2007 by Igor Schlumberger and Bruno L�v�que. Then in 2010 the team has grown from 17 employees to more than a hundred and established a second headquarters in Miami. As a successful project with growing potential in 2014 PrestaShop was funded with $9,3 Million by Series B Funding to continue its global expansion. We provide day time classes, weekend training classes, evening batch classes and fast track training classes. To know more � enroll now or speak to our counselors at Toll Free No.: 7976882245.


What Will I Learn?


  • Flexible Batch timing
  • Subject Notes
  • Supplemental Resources
  • Portfolio Preparation
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Get Real time Projects to Practice
  • Attend 2 to 3 Classes with free of cost
  • Free Technical Support after completing course
  • If you absent any classes, back up Classes available
  • Free Technical Support on Freelancing Projects to Earn more Money
  • Free Interntet and Laboratory Facility

100% Placement Program

Job Assurity: 100% Guaranteed Placement Support. Assist you to get JOB in top MNC’s, Mid & Small scale Companies

Resume Preparation Support

Conducted 2 to 3 Mock Tests

Mock Interviews to increase your confident level

You have opportunities to work on Real time Case Studies

Curriculum For This Course


Installation and local environment

1.1 Presentation

1.2 Installing on Mac

1.3 Installing on Windows

1.4 Installing Prestashop


Prestashop Backoffice

2.1 Backoffice and category

2.2 Creating and editing products

2.3 Attributes

2.4 Features

2.5 Customizable product

2.6 Customizing

2.7 Attachments

2.8 Discounts

2.9 Mapping



3.1 clients

3.2 Notes

3.3 Customer Management

3.4 Contacts and Gender


Payment Gateway

4.1 Bank Transfer

4.2 Paypal

4.3 Verifying

4.4 Alternative ways of payment



5.1 Orders

5.2 Adding an order

5.3 The order status

5.4 Returns

5.5 Returns and vouchers

5.6 Message Order

5.7 Taxes


Statistics and Configuration

6.1 A look at the statistics

6.2 Configuration and Navigation

6.3 Search

6.4 References


7.1 Modules

7.2 Front Office

7.3 Live Edit

7.4 Recommended Modules


Firebug and Webdeveloper

8.1 intro Topics

8.3 Structure and Firefox

8.3 Firebug

8.4 Web developer



9.1 Preferences

9.2 Preferences 2

9.3 Geolocation



10.1 Administration

10.2 Quick access

10.3 Employees and profiles



11.1 Multistore


Remote server

12.1 Server

12.2 Configuration FTP and upload

12.3 Remote Installation

12.4 BackUp


POS Module

13.1 tpv


Importing CSV data

14.1 version 2

14.2 Import

14.3 States

14.4 Importing from Excel


  • No previous experience in Prestashop required
  • Do need knowledge of PHP and basic knowledge of MySQL and Javascript to be able to get the most value of this course.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is for developers who want to start working with the Prestashop framework and utilize its power to the max. No previous experience with Prestashop framework is assumed.
  • For those who want to establish there online E-Commerce business.
  • Web agencies, freelancers (official partner agencies and freelancers)
  • For Entrepreneur's who want to establish there business like Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay and many more such huge sites.


At the end of every successful Subject each student should be able to create a very well defined portfolio for him or herself, this portfolios help in defining the abilities of each student. Examples of such portfolios you will be able to create contains:

  • Understand the full concept of E-Commerce market.
  • Will prepare a big live or dummy Prestashop based fully functional E-Commerce website.
  • Can work easily on other E-Commerce platforms like Magento, Woo-commerce, Opencart and many more.
  • Help you in better Placement with the knowledge of other tools and techniques.
  • Work on Live Projects - Opportunity of working on live projects is given to you so that you learn to handle the practical problems you can face while developing Prestashop websites.


Prestashop development was a very popular career choice in last few years and will remain so in 2018. Prestashop has some extraordinary features which is the reason that companies will be hiring Prestashop developers in 2018.



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You could go with either Wordpress or Prestashop. They are at the present time, the most ideal to develop an online shop. But keep a few things in mind about Prestashop: Prestashop has a myriad of extensions, but very few free ones with extended functionality. Prestashop does not have something like Woocommerce where the main engine is set up in a few clicks. It requires more steps to get set up and is not as intuitive. Prestashop is purely for ecommerce. If you want a blog, you can set it up, but it will take more doing. Prestashop is more powerful when it comes down to a larger inventory of products. It is more robust in this respect. Prestashop themes lack the variety of Wordpress ones. And a few things about Wordpress/Woocommerce: Wordpress is good for the simple ecommerce shop. It starts getting clumsy if you have a lot of products. If you have max 10�500 products that is fine, but higher than that and you start having problems managing them. Wordpress has a bunch of available plugins that can expand your editing/front-end features, and while most of them are free, the paid ones are the ones you will need in the end. Wordpress is easier to manage overall, but when it comes down to speed/functionality it starts getting bulky. Wordpress has a whole bunch of ready theme you can use to get nearly all the features you may need out of the box, so that is one big plus. These are some of the things I can think of immediately when asked this question. They both have their pros and cons. If you want something more simple to manage without a lot of hassle, go with Wordpress. You can�t go wrong with a good theme. Check out the demos on Themeforest - ECommerce WordPress Theems Website Templates from ThemeForest And be sure to also check a Prestashop admin demo to see what you would be more comfortable with - PrestaShop Demo Here are some Prestashop themes you can check out - PrestaShop Themes and Designs and Themeforest also has a bunch. Generally, if someone asks me which is best, I would have to weigh the kind of shop you will be running and how extensive it will be. However, if you are planning something unique, such as a subscription-based model or something along those lines that offers someone a unique shopping experience, I would recommend developing a site from scratch rather than any existing CMS. This will cost you more, but will save you a headache later on. Though Prestashop and Wordpress can be customized heavily, it�s usually not a good thing to do. A custom site can be expanded or added to more easily plus will be more stable.
Due to the increasing expansion of the e- commerce business segment, numerous organizations are facing the acute necessity to have an appealing and engaging website to target their customers. In order to establish their online presence, e- commerce organizations need to have an efficient website that can attract the targeted customers towards them. If you are thinking about what would be the ideal platform for your e- commerce website, we will reveal you why PrestaShop e- commerce development platform should be the ultimate choice for your website. (1) Easy management of the product catalog- E- commerce organizations have to constantly update their product catalog from time to time so as to provide their customers access to the latest services and products. All the earlier complex inventory management based tasks can now be easily managed with just a simple click. This is one of the important factor that has made these PrestaShop e- commerce development services much popular among various business organizations of the world. (2) Commitment towards a SEO friendly site- With the help of the advanced SEO features of the PrestaShop platforms like email notification, facility of meta tags and SEO friendly URL for each product, use of high density keywords and other such features, business organizations can effortlessly improve the online presence of their e- commerce stores on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. (3) Provides facility of effective checkout and payment methods- Often, customers leave a particular e- commerce site due to the complex multi- page checkout form and the limited amount of payment methods. However, both of these crucial issues are effectively handled by this e- commerce development platform by providing an easy one page checkout form and the option to install the desired multiple payment method onto their site with just a simple click. Further, there are other advanced payment features that make your online payment more secure and safe. (4) Offers analytics and reporting services- Due to the analytics and reporting services of PrestaShop, store owners can now easily track, monitor and analyze the sales activity, customer onsite behavior, product catalog, order information and other such data. With such a strong backing of the analytical data, business organizations can take appropriate steps to improve their product sales, nature of services and conversion rates. (5) Mobile Friendliness- As, number of mobile customers are increasing, more and more number of people are now making online purchase through mobile based devices like smart phones and tablets. In order to keep your mobile customers hooked to your store, PrestaShop development platform consists of responsive user interface design and navigation facility so that your e- commerce site can be easily accessed and viewed on multiple computing devices like desktop, laptop, smart phones or tablets. (6) Seamless configuration- With the support of more than 300 built in features, store owners can easily make desired changes in their product catalog management, customer relationship management, inventory control and other such areas. Its Live configurator feature allow you to make easy changes without the involvement of any expert development professional. So, now you just have to engage with an effective PrestaShop development company to help you with an appealing and conversion friendly PrestaShop e- commerce website. This PrestaShop platform is simply the most rewarding e- commerce platform and you would be simply amazed with its huge benefits and features.