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Get started developing Apple apps with iOS and Xcode.

Introduction/Course Overview


Dicazo Institute offer iOS Training and development workshop for candidates who want to develop modern apps for iPhone Device under the guidance of expert trainer. Learn how to develop your own iPod App with strong fundamentals of mobile application course. We used to teach Apple's swift programming and Xcode to build your first iPhone App .All attendees will learn from scratch and know the basics of iOS development up to advance features. At each problem you will get appropriate guidance from experienced instructor during assignments.As compare to Android OS , App development for iOS is more creative and generated apps are more secure on Apple Devices.

If you are still searching for the best iPhone Training Institute in Jaipur, then your search ends at ‘Dicazo'. We are one of the best institutes providing the in-depth iPhone Training in Jaipur covering each and every detail of the course.

The course details range from the basics like an introduction, Objective-C, Swift and concepts of OOPS to the advanced concepts like interface building, database handling, app debugging, etc. After providing the basic training in the iPhone Development Training, we also evaluate the student's learning by taking individual module tests and a course completion test. The students also have to submit a final project after which they receive a training completion certificate. Students can use that certificate at the time of the interview.

ios app development course
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What Will I Learn?


  • Flexible Batch timing
  • Subject Notes
  • Supplemental Resources
  • Portfolio Preparation
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Get Real time Projects to Practice
  • Attend 2 to 3 Classes with free of cost
  • Free Technical Support after completing course
  • If you absent any classes, back up Classes available
  • Free Technical Support on Freelancing Projects to Earn more Money
  • Free Interntet and Laboratory Facility

Placement Program

Job Assurity: Placement Support. Assist you to get JOB in top MNC’s, Mid & Small scale Companies

Resume Preparation Support

Conducted 2 to 3 Mock Tests

Mock Interviews to increase your confident level

You have opportunities to work on Real time Case Studies

Curriculum For This Course

Building the User Interface


iOS features


Working with data


Publishing your App



Who Is The Target Audience?

After The Course You Will Be Able To


Students who complete this course have the following career options

A new breed of firms have started to emerge which focuses on application development for the iOS / iPhone market. This has resulted in a high demand for iOS / iPhone apps developer and programmer in the software job market estimated to be in millions. Consulting and training expertise in the mobile space has enabled MobiGnosis, which is based to design and deliver industry relevant iOS / IPhone application developer training programs which includes live projects for hands on experience.


The most important reason why you should consider coming to DICAZO to learn this course is because DICAZO COMPUTER INSTITUTE offers the most integrated courses with the maximum possibility of job opportunities on your profile. As a part of DICAZO India which is a leading platform with thousands of Alumna’s and Alumnus’s whom have since graduation from the course have been making waves all over there chosen area of concentration while earning big time Cash and Paychecks, DICAZO Jaipur holds much more than just assurance for this course. For more info’s on course details or any other issues please call us on 91 7976882245 or mail to:-

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Dicazo Computer Institute is the best institute for iOS Development Course. We offer fully practice-oriented courses with placement assurance. Our expert faculties provide individual guidance to help you groom as an industry-ready, trained professional. We have highly qualified teachers and flexible batch timings. Our course fees is reasonable you can compare with others. You can pay fees in installments. So hurry up and enroll today.

Android is better to learn first due to below reasons -

1- No need to purchase apple laptop which is needed for iOS app development

2- Apple does a thorough check on any app submitted to its app store and takes time to publish the app but in the case of android you can create any simple app and it will be on google play store in few hours.

3- As a beginner there is a lot to learn in terms of creating apps like programming and designing graphical assets. So you can learn and add upon those skills and at the same time keep on publishing simple apps on GPS(google play store). It helps to keep you motivated.

Yes, it�s a good landscape right now, but are you the right person for the job? Here�s the thing: everyone needs application developers. If you�ve got iOS or Android on your resume and LinkedIn profile, you�ll get deluged for jobs. It�s rather insane at the moment, with more jobs than qualified developers. Many have noticed this demand, seen the average salaries, viewed it as a ticket into the 6 figure job club, taken these courses on Code Academy, Pluralsight, Udemy, et al, and then been frustrated at the money they just wasted, because, surprise surprise, you can�t learn to code overnight, since experience as a problem solver is tantamount. If, however, you�re truly a coder�and by that, I don�t just mean a person who codes, but a true coder�then you�ll be fine. I�ve hired my fair share, and it�s pretty obvious in the interview when I�ve found the right man/woman for the job. What�s the difference? I can write code, but I�m not cut out to be a developer. My code is often a bit sloppy, and it takes me a while, but I�ve created a couple dozen websites and can even comprehend and write small amounts of mobile code. But I�m a Product Owner. A coder, a real developer/senior developer/architect possesses a certain amount of patience, fortitude, a problem-solving mentality, and a desire to see through the puzzle to the end. A coder is obsessed with the details and the idea of why it doesn�t work. And, when it finally does, they go back through and try to ascertain why it now does, so they can avoid future mistakes. Is this you, and can you demonstrate this in a technical interview? From an abstract standpoint, if your goal is to land a secure spot, be paid decently for a job you rather enjoy (sounds like this might be you), and be in demand should anything ever go south at your company, then yes, you can make a successful career out of this. Begin by creating a small, silly app, and put code samples on GIThub. Publish your app in the AppStore if possible. Don�t worry about making money at this endeavor, you likely won�t. But demonstrate that you can code, and look up some sample questions for interviews so you can practice and then display your problem-solving prowess. Use a versioning software like GIT, BitBucket, Subversion, etc. Read up on Jenkins. Do some research on back ends if you really want to, which may be good to get a perspective on larger interactions. Maybe take some quickie courses on Angular, Java, Mongo, etc, so you can honestly say in an interview �I�ve been branching a bit into this hot area, though I�m not an expert by any means�� Above all, have fun with this. Ideally, your passion for problem solving should shine through in the interview, and that alone may help secure you the gig. Good luck.!