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This is a short term course which makes you introductory knowledge about Web designing.
This course is designed for those who want to understand about Web Designing process.


The Web designing short term course would give a basic introduction about the Website designing along with basic knowledge of some softwares.


Advanced HTML5 Canvas for developer Training
Learn the use of HTML5 in web design and create up to date web functionalities and web trending features. GO deeper with your HTML knowledge by getting your hands wet with HTML 5 dynamic rendering of bitmap images. Master the principles of canvassing in HTML 5 and begin to make jaw dropping web designs for prospective clients with this course.
Web Design Advanced Course
Get deeper into the world of web application and development with this course. Learn to apply various technologies in creating dynamic websites for professional and commercial purposes.
Web Design Foundation Course
Start your Journey to becoming a world class web designer by taking this foundation course. Start making websites for personal blogs and for small and medium enterprises. Begin to effectively develop your web design skills with this course using blogs, wordpress, along with basic HTML knowledge.
Adobe DreamWeaver Training Course
Seize this opportunity to master Adobe Dreamweaver in creating web pages, working with CSS, Linking text and images, creating lists and tables and also using PHP and ASP . Develop your skills to make you indispensable to your prospective clients. In just a few weeks, with the right motivation, you can go from being a complete novice to a professional. This course is a 100% practical course with a flexible schedule and a weekend or evening class option. Take up this course today and become a proficient in Dreamweaver in a matter of weeks.
JavaScript Course
Master JavaScript in a few weeks and begin to use it to create fascinating effects on web pages. With your knowledge of JavaScript, web animation, web effects and web interactivity would become easy to make and deliver to your prospective clients. Join the league of web trending styles creators using JavaScript in a few weeks of learning with constant practice and exposure. Go the extra mile in learning JavaScript to earn a substantial advantage over the typical template dependent web designer. Learn how to build the interactivity function of websites from scratch.
Bootstrap Training Course
Get on the bootstrap bus of web design and development. Create web pages within just few hours of learning and become a web designer in a matter of days with the bootstrap training course. Boycott the long learning curves of web development by taking up bootstrap training course and become a web professional. This course is a live project training course and would give you a much needed employment advantage. Start this course now and be amongst the few up to date web designers that make use of bootstrap.
Diploma in Web designing
Take advantage of the added benefit of taking up a diploma in web designing which is getting a standard diploma certificate aside learning the skills of web designing. This would enable you not only to be a web designer but to be able to teach web designing with a standard qualification.
MySQL Training
Begin your journey to becoming a database administrator for blue chip companies with this course. Join the clique of sought after database administrators using this course as a springboard. This course is a 100% practical course.
CSS3 Course
Master the use of CSS3 in web design and become an excellent web designer. Learn the tricks of browser compatibility, web animation, web effects and web interactivity with CSS 3.

Short Term Web Designing
web design course
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Programme Schedule
Course Duration: 1 months
Schedule: 1 Hour/5 days a week


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