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Introduction/Course Overview

You want to create amazing long exposures and be able to compose images, right? Shooting a gallery print long exposure photo isn't that hard. You just need to know the a system that works. A system the teaches you how to use your camera and the little tricks and tips nobody is talking about. Just ask Rob Warren, he is a full time and professional long exposure photographer. This course will teach you exactly how to create amazing long exposures using Rob's complete system. By the end of the course, you'll feel comfortable creating long exposures in the morning, afternoon, or night in any location:

landscape photography course

What Will I Learn?


  • Learn how to pick the right location
  • Learn how to get tack sharp long exposures
  • Learn how to use filters to get amazing images in camera (no photoshop required!)
  • Learn how to create movement in the water
  • Learn how to blur the water to make it look like dreamy fog
  • Learn how to compose a great shot with any camera
  • Learn how to post process your images in Photoshop or Lightroom

Curriculum For This Course

Get Primed! What You Must Know before your first shoot

Good Morning! Photographing sunrises On The Water

Shoot at Sunsets! Sunsets Over Water

Shoot at Night! See the City Move

Bonus and Conclusion

Start creating stunning and punchy long exposure images today! The instructors Rob and Jon walk you through the entire long exposure process. Follow us in real-world demonstrations, dealing with actual environments and situations. See all of the equipment we use. See how we deal with unpredictable mother-nature while we protect valuable gear.

Make Money Selling Stunning Long Exposure Photos You want to turn your passion into money right? You want to upgrade your camera, buy a new lens, get a new computer with your earnings. Rob is one of the few photographers doing that with long exposures, find out why and how as he pulls back the curtain to reveal his secrets.

Also, learn how to edit your photos the right way. Each section focuses on a different type of photography situation. Each section includes lessons on how to edit the images yourself without making it look fake - there's no tricks because the images look amazing right in the camera. You can even follow along with the downloadable photo files!

If you want to shoot better long exposure landscapes, enroll now! With our 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, there's no reason to hesitate.
See you in the course!
Rob & Jon


Who This Course Is For?


The most important reason why you should consider coming to DICAZO to learn this course is because DICAZO COMPUTER INSTITUTE offers the most integrated courses with the maximum possibility of job opportunities on your profile. As a part of DICAZO India which is a leading platform with thousands of Alumna’s and Alumnus’s whom have since graduation from the course have been making waves all over there chosen area of concentration while earning big time Cash and Paychecks, DICAZO Jaipur holds much more than just assurance for this course. For more info’s on course details or any other issues please call us on 91 9887063980 or mail to:-

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