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Become an Instagram leader, crush your competitors, dominate Instagram Marketing and create a raving fans community.

Introduction/Course Overview

Instagram has become one of the most popular social networking channels for businesses of all sizes. If you’re ready to harness the power of Instagram, this course will detail every marketing technique that works.Rather than wasting time experimenting with different types of posts, this course is designed to teach you exactly how to grow your Instagram account and market any type of offer effectively.

You’ll understand the types of images that perform best on Instagram, as well as the tactics that are most effective at not only attracting and retaining more followers, but also increasing engagement and interaction.    

During this Instagram marketing course we will learn and practice lots of powerful tools which makes marketing on Instagram easier. It creates a powerful source as social media marketing and help you to create a successful page and business on Instagram. More than 6 months research and experiment is used in this Instagram marketing course and there is no course more complete than this one anywhere. Hopefully by the end of the course you will have a successful Instagram page with daily 50-500 followers.

So, if you’re a social media influencer, an entrepreneur, a business or any type of organization that wants to absolutely crush it on Instagram, then this Instagram marketing course is for you.


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What Will I Learn?


  • Flexible Batch timing
  • Subject Notes
  • Supplemental Resources
  • Portfolio Preparation
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Get Real time Projects to Practice
  • Attend 2 to 3 Classes with free of cost
  • Free Technical Support after completing course
  • If you absent any classes, back up Classes available
  • Free Technical Support on Freelancing Projects to Earn more Money
  • Free Interntet and Laboratory Facility

Placement Program

Job Assurity: Placement Support. Assist you to get JOB in top MNC’s, Mid & Small scale Companies

Resume Preparation Support

Conducted 2 to 3 Mock Tests

Mock Interviews to increase your confident level

You have opportunities to work on Real time Case Studies

Curriculum For This Course

Setting Up Your Optimized Power Account on Instagram


Creating the Ultimate Instagram Content Game Plan


Creating the Ultimate Instagram Marketing Game Plan


Creating Business & Making Money from Your Instagram Account


Instagram Stories and Your Business!




Introduction to Instagram Ads for Business


Who Is The Target Audience?

After The Course You Will Be Able To



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Instagram was originally launched as a photo sharing (*later became both photo and video) social networking platform in 2010. It’s been 8 years since and Instagram is still growing and reaching greater heights of success. Now Instagram is a great platform for your business to connect with many potential prospects. Of all the internet users, at least half of them have used Instagram once in their life. As of there are more than 800 million users on it, out of which more than 500 million are active every day. And did you know?? More than 80% of Instagrammers follow atleast one business.

Instagram Marketing is the technique by which you showcase your product and business to its users. But this is isn’t is a one-line answer!! Instagram marketing is much bigger and detailed than this.

To properly conduct an Instagram marketing, you need to adapt to various strategies and techniques.

Let me tell you some “Basics of Instagram Marketing”

  • The first and foremost factor that comes in Instagram marketing is “YOUR POSTS”. You already know every social media platform is different. The way you post on one platform may not work on the other. Instagram relies heavily on visual content, so your posts must be a high resolution quality image.
  • The next is Quality of your Content. Here the quality implies to content you are providing. The posts you upload must attract the viewer to engage with it. IF the content is boring, it will not create any impact. More high quality of your content, more engaging it will be
  • Intelligent use of hashtags helps you reach more audience thereby increasing your chances of getting more followers and ultimately getting more business.

These are just some of the basics of Instagram Marketing. But to successfully implement it, you need to put on some advanced strategies too.

In more simple words, Instagram marketing is all about providing right mix of content to its targeted audience.

Most businesses these days have an Instagram presence. But are we really making the most of this social media tool? Are we able to exploit Instagram to its full potential?If you do it right, you can easily climb up to tens of thousands of followers in no time. You can actually create an entire brand from scratch through this tool. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can adopt to make things work for you:

1. The Hashtag Hack

Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags in a post. Here’s how you can stretch that to a double: Post your picture/video without a caption. Now, comment on your post with 30 hashtags and then edit your caption and add 30 more! There you have it – 60 hashtags and maximum exposure! Just make sure that there are no hashtags in your caption when you post your picture/video, add the hashtags in the caption only when you edit it after posting the comment or else this trick won’t work!

2. Choose Your Hashtags wisely

Do your research before you use your hashtags. If you use hashtags that are too popular, chances are that the hashtag might be overused and your post will be lost in the wide sea of posts with the similar hashtag. Try and use hashtags that are popular yet not overused.

#entrepreneur has over 1.68 crore posts so using this is just going to drown your post. Better to use a hashtag like #entrepreneurlife which is popular but not over used. So you can just look up an obvious hashtag and scroll down to find a similar hashtag that works for you.

3. Save Those Hashtags

A hashtag organizing tip would be to keep your hashtags saved in a notepad/memo file on your phone. Because you have a short time frame after you post your picture to update those hashtags. Save yourself from wasting your time thinking about hashtags, just go back to your notes and copy the hashtags!

4. Don’t Spam

Alright, last hashtag tip for the day would be to hide them! Too many hashtags on a post look like spam and take the beauty away from a post. Just use “.” followed by spaces, like this:

This will ensure that the hashtags don’t show while your post is on the screen!

5. Cheat The24 HourTime Frame

If you have the perfect image for your story but it wasn’t clicked in the last 24 hours then do not let that disappoint you, there’s a perfect solution – just take a screenshot of that image from your phone and it will appear in your past 24hours gallery! The picture quality may not be that high but it will fit the bill!

6. Collaborations

Find an account similar to yours and approach them asking if they would give a shout for a shoutout! We’re all in this together and it’s a great way to help each other gain more followers! #S4S or #SFS (Share for Share) actually works! Even reposting relevant posts is a great way to increase your followers! Another way is to mention someone in your story, which will give your viewers access to their Instagram page and even the account holder will be notified by your mention!