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Master the art of search engine optimization by learning fundamental SEO principles and techniques in this course.

Introduction/Course Overview

SEO is one of the most cost effective marketing strategies out there as it can deliver hundreds of targeted leads per day to your business for FREE.SEO is one the most highly paid online skills because of the increase in traffic and sales it can deliver to a business, and the demand for this skill is only getting bigger!

SEO is not a cost but an Investment. This course is specially designed for Webmasters, Bloggers, Business owners, Search Engine Optimization Beginners / Experts and Website owners, who want to rank #1 in Google.By the end of this course you'll have a solid foundation in SEO and be able to optimize your site, or to supervise developers and SEO firms to ensure the job is done right.

You will also learn about premium industry tools and learning how to use them will help you to run better and more efficient marketing campaigns. You will also learn to Keep An Eye On Competitor in terms of Link Building, Keyword Research, Site Audit And Tracking of Bounce rate, Visitor's etc. using different tools. This is an important source for Website owner, Content marketers and Bloggers researching new content ideas.

seo training course in jaipur

What Will I Learn?


  • Flexible Batch timing
  • Subject Notes
  • Supplemental Resources
  • Portfolio Preparation
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Get Real time Projects to Practice
  • Attend 2 to 3 Classes with free of cost
  • Free Technical Support after completing course
  • If you absent any classes, back up Classes available
  • Free Technical Support on Freelancing Projects to Earn more Money
  • Free Interntet and Laboratory Facility

Placement Program

Job Assurity: Placement Support. Assist you to get JOB in top MNC’s, Mid & Small scale Companies

Resume Preparation Support

Conducted 2 to 3 Mock Tests

Mock Interviews to increase your confident level

You have opportunities to work on Real time Case Studies

Curriculum For This Course

Picking Powerful Keywords


Preparing Your Site


Your First Small Steps


Understanding the Role of Content


Basic Page Optimization - "Hidden" Code


Basic Page Optimization - "Visible" Code


Basic Page Optimization – A Few More Good Things


Using Structured Data Markup


Submitting” to Search Engines


Who Is The Target Audience?

After The Course You Will Be Able To



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SEO = Search Engine Optimization

What That Actually Means Is…

SEO is a wide set of things that when brought together combine to generate a favorable response from the algorithm run by the search engine company.

There is an ever increasing set of criteria that search programs take into account when working out SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and rankings.

Factors which have long been important are:


  1. The use of the primary keyword in the title.
  2. The use of the primary keyword in the meta description.
  3. The use of the primary keyword in the H1 and other sub headings.
  4. The use of the primary keyword in the written content of the relevant web page.
  5. Strong Internal Links

Off Page

  1. Good quality links pointing at the site in question - perhaps the most important factor.
  2. Link relevancy, Google is getting increasingly good at detecting this, largely as a part of their anti-spam measures.
  3. Do-Follow and No-Follow links, whilst people love having do-follow due to the power transmission a balance is needed, you can over optimize on this.

Other Important Factors:

  1. Use of keyword in the domain name, this is something which comes in an out of vogue with Google, sometimes it can win you points, other times it is irrelevant.
  2. Social Media, search programs do now take into account the presence of social shares, that is they actively check for them and when they see social interaction then points are awarded effectively which help ranking.
  3. The Use of Rich Media, inclusion of images and video is another thing that Google checks for, they value user experience and the presence of such media constitutes what they see as a quality user experience. Within this the various elements of rich media need to be appropriately optimized too in order for the best effects to be gained.
  4. Traffic, if you are getting zero traffic then Google will believe your site to be unimportant, when you have high volumes of people visiting your site then Google perceives it as important and thus elevates it in the rankings.
  5. Authenticity, this may sound strange it is however valid, the presence of valid addresses, phone numbers, contact details and the other factors which make a business real all provide benefit in rankings.
  6. Symantic Coding, the use of schema and the various off-shoots of it are increasingly important in helping search engine to easily understand web content now.
  7. Site Speed is becoming increasingly important due to the focus on user experience, slow is far from fun, fast delivers good experience and thus gets rewarded.

The above are just a small number of the things taken into account when rankings are calculated.

In order for SEO to be the most effective all these things have to be accounted for and the information served up to the robots which crawl through websites and webpages assessing rankings.

Search Engine Optimization is incredibly in-depth work and in order for sustainable results to be achieved from it it has to be carried out using ethical practices. Failure to do so may see short term increases in rankings, though long term will result in massive penalties.

For this reason SEO is divided into 3 commonly known categories:

  1. White Hat SEO - Sticking with on page and ethical practices.
  2. Black Hat SEO - Link building schemes and anything that infringes Googles ToS.
  3. Grey Hat SEO - A step towards Black Hat from White Hat which tends to involve questionable practices which are pushing the limits if not outright infringing them in Google’s eyes.

Is is through these that SEO does what it is used for, getting websites and webpages to the number one spots in SERPs.

SEO Is All About Ranking Better Than Competitors

It is a tool that is used to grow businesses and as such increase profits, disseminate information and reach the largest number of people possible.

When used within marketing as part of a high quality campaign to improve website visibility it can produce incredible effects for the site owners.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most effective ways to get highly qualified visitors to your website.

SEO makes your website more visible and crawlable for search engines like Google, which in turn helps to drive organic traffic to your website which you can later turn into your leads and customers.

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So what’s the importance of SEO? Why everyone should use SEO especially if you’re in a business?

For example, assume your search ad generated 5,000 impressions in one day, of which 100 visitors have come to your site, and three have converted for a total profit of $500.

In this case, a single visitor for that keyword is worth $5 to your business. Those 5,000 impressions in 24 hours could generate a click-through rate of between 15-30% with a #1 ranking (see the Slingshot SEO study for more on potential click-through rates), which would mean 900-1800 visits per day, at $5 each, or between 2 and 3 million dollars per year.

Did you get that? If done right, SEO can be your weapon that can be used to make millions of dollars every single year. That’s why brands spend literally billions of dollars into SEO.

That being said, here are few ways to use SEO to get more leads, traffic and increase your overall sales in 2018 and beyond.

  • Always pick great keywords with less search volume below 1000 monthly searches. If you’re just starting out with a new site, targeting long tail keywords give you traffic really quickly.
  • If you don’t want to wait for too long to get visitors from search, you can consider paid ads like PPC ads where you can bring visitors to your product pages and calculate the ROI.
  • Make sure to start a blog and create content around it by focusing on your target audience. Blogging gives you the highest ROI and helps you generate more links, exposure, leads and sales.
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