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Introduction/Course Overview

I’m a Google Gold Product Experts for Google Ads (1 of only 30 in the world!). I’m a Google Partner, Facebook Blueprint certified, Bing certified, and overall over qualified person. I’ve worked with both Fortune 1000 companies and amazing startups. I’ve worked in literally every vertical/niche/industry imaginable from E-Commerce to SaaS to Diamonds!

facebook advertising course

What Will I Learn?


  • Building Custom & Lookalike Audiences Part 1
  • Building Custom & Lookalike Audiences Part 2
  • Pro Tip: Choosing the right Optimization Event
  • Building a Hypnotic Facebook Ad
  • Selecting the right Bidding Strategy
  • Pro Tip: How to Determine Daily Budget
  • How to Choose the Right Placements
  • Pro Tip: Custom Conversions vs. Standard Events
  • You Made it!

Curriculum For This Course

What you'll learn in my course:

This class is for people who:

Problems we address in the course:


Who This Course Is For?


The most important reason why you should consider coming to DICAZO to learn this course is because DICAZO COMPUTER INSTITUTE offers the most integrated courses with the maximum possibility of job opportunities on your profile. As a part of DICAZO India which is a leading platform with thousands of Alumna’s and Alumnus’s whom have since graduation from the course have been making waves all over there chosen area of concentration while earning big time Cash and Paychecks, DICAZO Jaipur holds much more than just assurance for this course. For more info’s on course details or any other issues please call us on 91 9887063980 or mail to:- dicazoinfo@gmail.com.

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Address A-4, Janta Colony, Near Pink Square Mall, Adarsh Nagar, Raja Park, Jaipur 302004
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Fee structure ₹4500, 1 Month
Batch Size 5-10
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Teachers Name Pushpendra Singh