Video editing training course in jaipur

Short Term Composting and A/V Editing Course

This is a short term course which gives you introductory knowledge about Composting and A/V Editing process.
This course is designed for those who want to understand about Composting and A/V Editing process.


The short term Composting and A/V Editing course would give you a basic introduction about the process of Composting and A/V Editing along with basic knowledge of some softwares.


Non-Linear Editing Courses

Begin your Journey to becoming a internationally standard program editor, film editor or commercial adverts editor. Learn the rules of editing and both the traditional and new age tricks and tips of editing using modern editing software such as final cut pro and Adobe premiere . This course is purely a live project training that includes team projects, assignments, seminars, workshops and a show reel development. Job placement assistance is also one of the many benefits of taking this nonlinear editing course.

Video Mixing Training

Master the art of video mixing to produce high quality seamless videos for television, film, movies and documentaries. Take advantage of this live project training to become a sought after video mixer and editor, meeting the demand for highly skilled and creative manpower needed in the multimedia industry.

ADOBE Audition Course

Learn how to use all the tools and functions of Adobe Audition to edit and create audio sounds , carry out pitch correction and use as a typical digital audio work station. The adobe audition course is a 100% practical course with job placement assistance and a post course online support.

Post Production Course

Learn all the work that goes into film and television production after principal photography has been concluded. Master the art of producing the final products of films and television programs for viewers and prospective clients appreciation. This Live project training involves classroom modules, team project, seminars, workshop and show reel development.

Diploma in Visual Effects

Take a leap into the world of visual effects and dynamics with this course. This course has the added advantage of the issuance of a diploma alongside skill development and mastery. Begin to make commercials that are heavily dependent on visual effects for your prospective clients. This job comes with job placement guarantee alongside post course online support

VFX Course

Become a VFX professional by taking this course. The VFX course is a comprehensive course involving 3D modeling, Compositing, Animation, Rendering, dynamics and scripting. This VFX course has the advantage of providing training in a wide range of fields in the multimedia industry. Due to the high demands of VFX artists worth their sail in the multimedia industry, job placement is guaranteed with this course alongside show reel development.

After Effects Training Course

Become an After Effects expert with this course. Learn all the tools, tricks and tips of Adobe after effects in 2D and 2.5D animation, visual effects compositing, image adjustment and color correction. This course has a very flexible schedule to suit the students need. It is an 100% practical course with team projects, assignments, seminars and workshops. Become proficient in Adobe After Effects in a few weeks.

Special Effects Courses

Become a special effects artist at a time where the demand for such artists in the multimedia industry is increasing. Bring all your abstract creativity and imagination to life with your own very hands, under the watchful eyes of a personal supervisor. The special effects course entails both print and video effects. Print effects would include photo manipulation, digital painting, matte painting and a host of others while the video effects include luma keying, motion graphics, fluids , smoke and fire.

A/V Editing Course
audio video editing course
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Programme Schedule
Course Duration: 1.5 months
Schedule: 1 Hour/5 days a week


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